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Hungarian self-driving car developer wins international AI competition

Márton Görög is a senior researcher at Aimotive in Budapest, dealing with self-driving software.

Márton Görög, a Hungarian AI researcher at Aimotive, has won the prestigious Pommerman Competition at the NeurIPS Conference in Canada, one of the world’s leading AI conferences.

Görög surpassed all expectations by beating the US and China to win last Thursday’s competition. The fact that second-place American Paul Jaseka came from the Air Force’s research division says a lot about the quality of competitors at the event.

Several competitions took place at the Canadian Conference this year, but the Pommerman Competition was the standout. 

Görög’s performance highlights how Hungarian researchers are now at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence. In professional circles, it is common to say that Budapest has the ABC of self-driving: in addition to Aimotive, Bosch and Continental teach and nurture the future of self-management software in the capital.

Aimotive is a Hungarian-based startup that develops the “brains” of self-driving cars. So far, they have raised HUF 14 billion in investments from international players like Bosch, Cisco and Samsung. They are currently testing their self-driving system in America and Scandinavia, and are set to grow even more throughout 2020 and beyond.

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