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Hungarian scientists to participate in a new European project

A select group of high-profile Hungarian scientists will participate in a project aimed at building one of the largest supercomputers in Europe.

The project’s goal is to improve market competitiveness and social welfare, and champions the possibilities created by technological advances. The project will be coordinated by a consortium comprised of various EU member states, including Hungary. 

The facilities, equipment, energy supply and other infrastructural necessities will be outsourced by the host country, Italy. With the main research lab based in Bologna, the project is expected to bolster the local tech and engineering scene. 

Founded by the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking or EuroHPC, the project is funded by the founding countries, including Italy, Spain and Finland. Hungary will not contribute financial support, but will outsource its high-caliber talent and workforce instead. 

The project will be just as beneficial for the participating scientists as it is for the EuroHPC, opening up new opportunities and providing unmediated access to the latest technologies required for research and engineering projects. The Hungarian talent will get the chance to finesse their skills when it comes to working with computers equipped with 150 PetaFlop processors, one of the most-sophisticated supercomputers to be built so far. After the project, they will be able to utilize their expertise in pharmaceutical and chemical research and engineering, AI, self-driving cars and in similar fields. 

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