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Hungarian pharmaceutical industry leads among V4 countries

According to a recent study by the Institute of Hungarian Perspective, Hungary is the only V4 country with a positive outlook in foreign trade of medicines.

Although the output and gross value added (GVA) of pharmaceutical companies in Hungary has declined since 2017, the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry is still at the forefront of the Visegrad region. 

With net sales of HUF 58.9 million per employee, Hungary is ahead of Poland which recorded a figure of HUF 55.6 million. In addition, the GVA of the domestic pharmaceutical industry is HUF 466 billion, while it stands at HUF 350 billion in Poland, HUF 147 billion in the Czech Republic and HUF 21 billion in Slovakia.

According to the analysis, only Hungary’s foreign trade in pharmaceutical products is positive: Last year’s exports amounted to HUF 1.764 billion and imports totaled HUF 1.494 billion.

In connection with last year’s stagnation of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the study pointed out that several pharmaceutical companies reported economic difficulties and the unfavorable effects of serialization (a unique drug identification obligation) resulting in an additional cost of HUF 20 billion for the pharmaceutical industry.

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