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Hungarian Parliament open to visitors again

During the epidemic, it was only possible to walk around the building virtually.

The Hungarian Parliament opened on July 7 to visitors. The indoor and outdoor exhibitions of the Parliamentary Museum are also now open, including “A Thousand Years of the Hungarian Legislature” and the 1956 memorial exhibit.

In addition to tourists visiting the capital of Hungary, the Office of the National Assembly also invites those attending summer camps to visit the Parliament free of charge after prior registration.

Last year, more than 700,000 people visited the parliament building. During the epidemic, it was only possible to walk around it virtually, although the program was very popular. The Munkácsy Hall alone was visited by more than 6,000 people last month.

The “Tér-Zene” concert series will be held at Kossuth Square next to Parliament again this year as well. Every Thursday afternoon from July 23 up until September, free classical music will await those interested.

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