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Hungarian jobseekers’ wage claims up by 29 percent

The average net salary demand of Hungarian career starters is HUF 322,000, up 29 percent compared to last year.

According to MTI, Zyntern.com’s nationwide research focused on the labor market preferences of 16-28-year-olds, with some 3,000 young people filling in the questionnaire in May 2022.

Overall, the survey found that competitive pay was the most important factor in choosing a job, with recognition for good performance, development and career opportunities being of particular importance, the statement said.

It was highlighted that 59 percent of young people surveyed would like to work for a large international company, and 45 percent of respondents said they would like to work for a large domestic company, while 44 percent would also like to work for an SME. Another 37 percent of respondents are thinking of starting their own business, while 64 percent of respondents in Budapest would like to work for a multinational company, and only 52 percent of respondents in rural areas would prefer this type of employer.

It is also reported that the overall average salary demand of the survey respondents was HUF 321,800 this year, HUF 73,000 more than last year.

The highest proportion of respondents, almost 24 percent, indicated a salary range between HUF 276,000 and HUF 300,000 as their desired starting salary. By age group, the average starting net salary for 16-19-year-olds was HUF 309,600, HUF 317,000 for 20-23-year-olds, HUF 330,000 for 24-26-year-olds, and HUF 336,000 for the oldest age group.

The highest average salaries are expected in IT and technical engineering. By contrast, the lowest demands were for young people studying and working in secondary education and humanities.

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