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Hungarian House of Music’s outdoor stage is now open

The open-air stage of the Hungarian House of Music, which opens on Tuesday with a concert by Ephemere, will be a showcase for emerging talent and exciting musical experiments.

The new theater will feature performances by a range of different musicians, alongside a number of well-known artists and bands. The open-air season will also include free DJ sets, beginner dance events, film screenings and family programs.

Tuesday’s opening concert will feature Ephemere, a folk music and jazz crossover with French songs.

In May and June, the “Városkapu: Debrecen” series will showcase the musical life of the city, through not only indoor concerts but also outdoor events.

Starting May 19, the institution will host a dance hall, followed by DJ nights on May 24, with an eclectic set by DJ Gandharva. At the end of the month, it will host a children’s day concert by Makam as well. 

In June, the MOME X MZH Intermezzo Festival will also take place in the open-air venue, and in July, August, and the first half of September, the program will be extended with film screenings, classical and contemporary music performances combined with silent films, outdoor family programs on Saturdays, and a host of other concerts and DJ sets. 

The ZeneKert, a garden space behind the outdoor stage’s grandstand, is also open for people to enjoy the outdoor concerts and performances, the statement said.

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