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Hungarian government reacts to EP vote

The European Parliament has voted to make Hungary a hybrid electoral autocracy.

The European Parliament debated the rule of law in Hungary, and on Thursday, MEPs voted on Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield’s report, which was finally adopted by 433 votes to 123 with 28 abstentions.

According to a statement available on the European Parliament’s website, the concerns about Hungary include the following:

  • the functioning of the constitutional and electoral system
  • the independence of the judiciary and other institutions and the rights of judges
  • corruption and conflicts of interest
  • privacy and data protection
  • freedom of expression, including media pluralism
  • academic freedom
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom of assembly
  • the right to equal treatment, including LGBTQI rights
  • the rights of persons belonging to minorities
  • the fundamental rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees
  • the state of economic and social rights

They condemned the Hungarian government’s “deliberate and systematic efforts” to undermine EU values.

The report also condemned the inability of the Council of the European Union to make meaningful progress in the fight against abuses of democratic standards in Hungary. 

MEPs called on the Commission to use all the instruments at its disposal, in particular the budgetary conditionality, to defend European values.

The European Parliament has also voted to allow men to give birth, Zoltán Kovács, minister of state for international communications, wrote on Twitter, commenting on the European Parliament’s vote. 

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