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Hungarian Government offers free open-source software

Many of the software programs were developed by Hungarian SMEs.

The Digital Welfare software suite is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use set of operating systems that enables users to replace expensive operating systems and office programs with open-source solutions.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the right IT background will make life easier for all ages in any situation.

The basic package, equipped with browser, e-mail and multimedia programs, enables the electronic management of your office affairs as well as computer work, learning and entertainment. The basic package could speed up the distribution of open-source software, which could then save users a significant amount of money, said Tamás Schanda, the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Schanda noted that Hungarian people and businesses need to develop their digital competencies for the growth and competitiveness of the Hungarian economy.

Schanda also mentioned that most of the software in the basic package was developed or customized by Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. All the programs, guides, and tutorials that help with the installation and use of the software are in Hungarian.

Older people can request a customized, user-friendly profile, while accounts provided to children are not allowed to load pages classified as dangerous by the National Media and Communications Authority.

The digital welfare software basic package can be downloaded at www.szoftveralapcsomag.hu

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