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Hungarian farmers of the Carpathian Basin are uniting

The Hungarian Farmers' Consultative Forum of the Carpathian Basin has expanded with new member organizations.

According to a statement issued by the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) on Thursday, the Pro Agricultura Association, whose activities cover seven Romanian counties, and the Association for Rural Development of Satu Mare, which aims to help Hungarian farmers in the Partium region, have been accepted into the forum.

The plenary session of the Forum, with the participation of 17 Hungarian farmers’ organizations representing the cross-border regions, was held recently in Pula, Croatia, jointly organized with the Farmers’ Association of the Democratic Community of Hungarians in Croatia.

The Chamber’s statement quotes István Jakab, vice president of the Hungarian Parliament and president of the Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Groups and Cooperatives (MAGOSZ), who stressed that thanks to the Hungarian government, national policy is active and strong and also supports cooperation between Hungarian farmers in the Carpathian Basin.

The Hungarian Farmers’ Consultative Forum of the Carpathian Basin was founded in 2013 and unites Hungarian agricultural organizations from Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine, in addition to Hungary, and thus thousands of farmers from beyond the borders. 

Among other things, it brings together the Hungarian farmers’ organizations operating in the Carpathian Basin and represents their common interests before European Union institutions.

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