Hungarian development to provide overview of CEE startup ecosystem

RocketShepherd makes the Central and Eastern European startup ecosystem more transparent than ever before.

The RocketShepherd dynamic database, developed in collaboration with the Devora Lime team, will provide an overview of domestic and regional innovations in one place. Startups can receive company-specific analyses of their shortcomings, along with product suggestions for correcting these shortcomings and catch up faster with their international competitors.

CEO Tamás Sebastian noted there has been no automated source of relevant and up-to-date data on regional startups until now. Their vision is to create an index-based startup exchange where it will be possible to invest in startup industries through the so-called “Exchange Traded Fund” model.

For example, if someone wants to invest in the Hungarian or regional fintech industry and not just a single fintech startup, they will have a derivative or cryptocurrency-based product line where this is possible.

“All the information related to the innovation ecosystem is automatically collected and updated with artificial intelligence. This will be weighted according to our own methodology to produce a new type of sector-specific index exchange rate that can be traded periodically. We will thus make the resulting industry trends investable, which is the Holy Grail of the industry,” he added.

Sebastian worked in the stock market and investment fields in both the U.S. and France for many years before returning to Budapest in 2017 to help the Hungarian startup ecosystem. In 2018, he decided to develop a marketplace that can automate the comparison of startups in the region with local as well as global competitors. RocketShepherd currently has more than 800,000 startups in its database. The beta version of the platform is already live, primarily with data from the Hungarian ecosystem.

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