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Hungarian Datapolis analyzes and organizes data

Albert-László Barabási, Gabriella Csányi and Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy have teamed up to help businesses, governments and private actors to design more livable cities by modeling urban behavior.

Datapolis was launched as a reverse startup story.  Balázs Szima-Mármarosi, managing director of Datapolis, said that the team and the knowledge were there first, and only then came the specific business problem on which their innovation is based. “Datapolis analyzes and organizes several types of data into a unified story using the tools of science, giving users a deeper and more realistic picture of the habits of city dwellers,” he added.

It is clear that data analysis companies have a very bright future today. The number of companies specializing in urban data analysis has grown since 2010. The market is very competitive and the depth and accuracy of the information extracted from the data will determine a company’s success. 

According to Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, who is also the founder of the Brain Bar Future Festival and the head of Design Terminal, their real competitive advantage is their ability to analyze and organize several types of data into one and provide a deeper and more realistic picture of the habits of citizens. 

The product itself is actually an online platform that uses data and network research, as well as artificial intelligence tools, to create easy-to-receive data visualizations, detailed analyses, and even forecasts based on historical data.

They look at where people are moving, where they work, and how they entertain in a given area; then they draw networks between certain types of people and finally divide them into different categories of behavior according to similar behavioral patterns. In the language of numbers, we can tell whether the number of people in a customer’s target group is enough [in a given area] where he wants to open a business, the CEO pointed out.

In addition, Datapolis can also help with product portfolio development, marketing strategy, and competitor analysis.

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