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Hungarian chocolatier about to earn worldwide fame

Founded in 2013, the Sweetic Chocolate Manufactory has quickly established itself as a pioneer of new, extravagant flavors and prime quality goods on the Hungarian food market.

Renowned for her pedantic approach and unmatched penchant for exceptional flavor combinations, Judit Zala founded the firm because she wanted to create unforgettable gifts for chocolate lovers, gastro junkies and everyday people. A firm believer in the idea that chocolate is the best way to turn the mundane into unforgettable experiences, Zala began by creating one-of-a-kind items. This led her to create some of her best-selling sweets to date, including iconic truffles, which became her trademark over the years.

Using Belgian Trappist beer, Baileys and Crème de cassis as the basis for her exquisitely-designed goods, Zala earned a reputation as a daring chocolatier who uses unusual ingredients. As the business grew further, so did the variety of items on offer: currently, Sweetic also distributes ice pops (a healthier alternative to ice cream), cake pops, hot chocolate mixes, biscuits and other delights.

It is no wonder the company was generously rewarded at the Great Taste Award 2019 in London: as a pioneer of handmade, deliciously-composed chocolates, it was only a matter of time until the business received international recognition. Zala prepared a multi-layered, complex truffle for the competition: blending together pistachio, red berry and dried violet flowers on a dark chocolate base, the creation proved to be an enormous hit with the jury, and earned three stars.

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