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Hungarian Cheese Factory won a gold medal at the World Cheese Championship

The World Cheese Championships, the Mondial du Fromage, took place for the fifth time in Tours, France.

The “Balaton cheese” (Balaton sajtja) of the Vászoly Cheese Factory was the only Hungarian brand competing and received a gold medal from the French jury.

The nearly 200 exhibitors from some 50 countries presented a total of 952 kinds of cheese, of which 153 received bronze, silver or gold medals. The key event at the competition is when 11 competitors prepare cheese plates and cheese dishes in front of an audience.

The Vászoly Cheese Factory won the National Cheese Competition in 2019 and the opportunity to take part in the French Championship, Mondial du Fromage. The factory was the only Hungarian brand that received a gold medal from the French jury.

The “Balaton cheese” (Balaton sajtja) is a semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk, which is rotated daily in the first two weeks of maturation. After that, it should be rotated every other day until the age of two months, and it is then finally rotated by hand twice a week until the end of its maturation. During the process, its bark is washed with salted whey.

The “Balaton cheese” has also won a gold medal at the Hungarian Cheese Competition three times since 2015.

The Vászoly Cheese Factory was founded in 2014 by Kálmán Reményik. 

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