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Hungarian Bocuse d’Or finalists selected

The Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy has selected the cream of the crop to compete for a place in the European championships on February 5th, 2020.

Babel chef István Veres has secured his place in the final of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or event after winning the qualifying round this week. 

Eszter Palágyi (Matild Palace Budapest) and Zsolt Haraszti (Societé) followed in second and third place respectively. Gábor Csik, Tibor Huszár and Roland Kelemen also took part. 

The qualifying event took place in the school kitchen of Bocuse d’Or at the Hungexpo on October 23rd, where candidates were challenged to prepare two meals in a total of 3 hours 30 minutes. 

Mandatory elements of the first fish themed dish included catfish (as a hot or cold appetizer), smoked mangalica bacon, cottage cheese and homemade pasta.

The second meat themed element required at least three garnishes and one sauce. The main ingredients to be added included whole rabbit (without the head), of which four could be used (thigh, side-belly, loin and liver), and two of which were compulsory. 

The competitors were also instructed to use at least one Hungarian mushroom and the Törley Chardonnay Brut sparkling wine. 

The taste test jury consisted of the best in the business, including Szabina Szulló, Ádám Barna, Viktor Varju, István Pesti, Lajos Bíró, Tamás Vajna, Csaba Harmath, Viktor Segal, Zoltán Danó and Ákos Sárköz. The kitchen jury consisted of chefs Lajos Lutz, Szása Nyíri, István Volenter and András Wolf.

Unlike in previous years, the Academy not only marked the six qualifiers, but also announced the order of the selected candidates. The top three going through to the final to battle it out for a place in the European event.

The final will be held on February 5th, 2020 in Budapest and the winner will compete in the European competition in May 2020 held in Tallinn.

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