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Hungarian awarded at international composer competition

The Central European String Quartet (CESQ) 2nd International Composition Competition announced that Máté Balogh was a special-prize winner.

In total, 53 entries were submitted to the competition from 22 countries, including Argentina, South Korea, Finland, Japan and Canada.

First place went to Andrea Vanzo, second to Federico Riva, and third to Guilherme Araujo de Almeida, while Máté Balogh from Hungary became one of the winners of a special prize. The judging was anonymous, that is, the jury did not see the names of the composers while judging.

The CESQ International Composer Competition was established in 2018 to bring contemporary music and living composers into the spotlight, thus supporting the broadening of the repertoire for string quartets.

The Central European String Quartet will play at the Academy of Music in the autumn, on November 27, with an evening of Dvorak.

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