Hungarian agriculture is moving towards space technology

According to Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, the active substance reduction required by the EU can be achieved with new technologies.

When announcing the EU “green agreement,” everyone in Hungary believed that it was impossible to implement the required reductions, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy said at the event organized on the occasion of the official launch of the new nationwide satellite positioning system of Axiál Kft. and Infobex Kft.

The minister added that using new technologies, such as the new system of Axiál Kft. and Infobex Kft., it is no longer impossible to reach the requested criteria. 

Today, one of the most innovative sectors when it comes to digital infrastructure is agriculture, where new developments and technologies are being introduced at the fastest pace. Precision technologies not only reduce the use of active ingredients, energy and labor, but also reduce the risk of production, he said.

Farmers already have serious data assets, the goal is to be able to use them effectively. In order for farmers to be able to buy these new technologies and their tools, a call for support for precision farming has been launched, which will remain open until September 20. So far, 2,300 support requests have been received, amounting to HUF 173 billion, he added.

Zsolt Harsányi, owner-manager of Axiál Kft., said that the machinery market has grown by 30 percent in the last 10 years. Agricultural equipment has become more complex, and the use of spare parts has increased by 50 percent. The mobile network in Hungary also works better than elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe, which is a great advantage when using such technologies. There is a great opportunity for further development in 5G and drone technology as well, Harsányi said.

Huge changes have taken place and will continue to take place in agriculture—at such a rapid pace that education cannot keep up. So it is essential that education cooperates with companies, Csaba Gyuricza, the Rector of the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences (MATE), said. MATE already has related training, and Axial is a strategic partner and an important player in dual training at the university.

In addition, the Gödöllő-based university has also launched a training course in digital agricultural engineering to create agricultural engineers who are familiar with the most modern precision technologies in their field.

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