Huge healthcare investments realized over the past 10 years

More than HUF 500 billion has been invested in healthcare inside and outside of Budapest and Pest County over the past 10 years.

Eszter Vitályos, State Secretary for European Union Development Policy at the Ministry of Human Resources, has revealed that since 2010, 77 hospitals, 54 clinics and 104 ambulances have been renovated using EU funding; and 23 new clinics and 31 new ambulances have been established.

The main goal of the government’s program on healthcare is to improve the health status of the population, increase life expectancy and to contribute to the prevention-centered reorganization of primary care, thereby reducing health inequalities across the country. 

The development of cooperation between healthcare providers will expand the range of preventive, personalized services available to the population, and will bring people together with the right medical professionals within their communities. 

“This program is a prime example of how people, the health sector and the government can come and collaborate together,” Vitályos added.

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