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HUF 60 billion announced for accommodation developments

The Kisfaludy program aims to increase the quality of Hungarian accommodations and reduce seasonality in tourism.

Hungary’s Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program launched in 2017 is the largest government umbrella program of all time, providing funding of HUF 300 billion for the development of tourism service providers.

Now, the program is dedicating HUF 60 billion for the construction of hotels with a capacity of more than 100 rooms and for the modernization of hotel buildings throughout the country; it also seeks to cover the development of services and expansion of capacity. 

The destination-oriented development program is set to last until 2030 and will include new tenders for thousands of participants, including small businesses and the smallest service providers, such as private accommodation providers, guest houses, and campsites, which have previously not been able to apply for grants. Still, these actors must operate an accommodation with a maximum of eight rooms.

In the new phase of the program, a total of 55,000 rooms of 28,000 operators can receive a grant of HUF 1 million per room, while campsites can participate in a tender with a budget of HUF 5 billion.

According to the information published on the website of the Kisfaludy program supervised by the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ), the agency will provide a total of HUF 85 billion in support for the construction and renovation of hotels with more than 100 rooms in rural Hungary, which means the construction and development of 35 hotels.

As a result, domestic offerings will expand by 1,500 new rooms, and 4,200 renovated rooms will be available for travelers in Hungary. The program also supports the renovation of several four-star hotels, as well as four five-star hotels in the countryside. Additional resources are also being allocated to other projects, e.g., the construction of a new four-star hotel in Debrecen.

According to Zoltán Guller, CEO of MTÜ, the aim of the forthcoming developments is to enable as many people as possible to spend their holidays in quality environments, with high-quality programs.

In the interest of European-level tourism at Lake Balaton, the accommodation development of the Balatonfüred Sailing Center (Balatonfüredi Vitorlás Központ), the implementation of the Tihany Castle Hotel and Training Center Hotel and the renovation of the former T-Com Hotel in Balatonkenese will also receive funding. 

The Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program aims to put Hungary on the forefront of tourism in Europe.

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