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HUF 50 billion Health Industry Support Program initiated

The program aims to encourage the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Hungary.

The government initiated the Health Industry Support Program to increase the number of domestic production sites and their efficiency to ensure a stable supply of pharmaceuticals and medical devices inside Hungary.

Hungary must be self-sufficient in the field of health protection equipment so that it is not exposed to the international market in the event of another wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

Thus, the Ministry of Finance is launching the program with a budget of HUF 50 billion to support the development of domestic enterprises that can play a role in strengthening the domestic healthcare industry.

The winners of the tender will receive non-refundable support to become more competitive while also helping to develop the Hungarian economy.

Recipients of funding may allocate at least half of their project costs to the purchase of machinery and equipment, while money allocated to infrastructure and real estate investments may not exceed 50 percent of eligible costs.

The smallest eligible project size is HUF 400 million. Further information is available here:

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