HUF 4 trillion in support for Hungarian countryside

The decision means tripling the resources of the current Rural Development Program 2014-2020.

In the recent statement of the Ministry of Agriculture, the minister drew attention to the fact that one of the biggest tasks of the next decade is the development of rural areas, the improvement of living conditions of the people living there, and the creation of jobs. 

István Nagy emphasized that the government will provide 80 percent national co-financing to food businesses and rural municipalities involved in food production in addition to EU rural development funds starting in 2021. The previous rate was 17.5 percent.

The other pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), income replacement subsidies, provides Hungarian agricultural players with an additional HUF 3.3 billion, 100 percent from EU funds. Thus, through EU and domestic resources, some HUF 7.5 billion will be received in the next nine years to strengthen and develop the Hungarian countryside, he added.

Nagy noted that these unprecedented resources will help renew the infrastructure of rural villages and small towns and build up rural Hungary, strengthening their communities and making them more livable.

The minister mentioned that the funds will also be used for the market-oriented modernization of the entire food industry, as well as for an environmentally friendly modernization of agricultural production and its transition to precision farming to ensure a secure supply of raw materials.

Nagy explained that the government’s policy of protecting and strengthening Hungarian land and the Hungarian countryside for the last ten years was done in an alliance with farmers. In the last decade, the Hungarian Village Program was launched, the village family home discount was implemented, and numerous land auctions were successfully concluded. 

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