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HUF 36 billion for the purchase of green buses

The Hungarian government has allocated HUF 36 billion over 10 years to support the purchase and operation of green buses.

Attila Steiner, State Secretary for the Development of the Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, reported on the news at the press conference of the Green Bus Demonstration Pilot Project in Sopron.

Steiner reiterated that Hungary wants to become climate-neutral by 2050, for which the government has adopted the Climate and Nature Action Plan. The seventh point of this is the greening of transport since transportation is responsible for one-fifth of the country’s emissions.

He also mentioned that the most important pillar of this is the Green Bus program. In the first round, 123 electric and four self-propelled trolleybuses will be procured in the tender of Volánbusz Zrt. and appear in cities soon, he said.

Data shows that a green bus saves 4,911 kilograms of CO2 emissions a month, an amount that would take 71 trees to capture, he said, adding that these buses emit almost 60,000 kilograms less CO2 a year.

The secretary of state also said that the program includes elements for industrial development and environmental protection. The government additionally wants 60 percent of the green bus production to be domestic.

Hungary is supporting the purchase of electric cars and bikes as well, Steiner said, adding that the government is even preparing to support electric trucks, with a budget of HUF 400 million.

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