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HUF 35 billion in support for healthcare companies

The Ministry for Innovation and Technology will launch tenders worth HUF 35 billion for the development of healthcare manufacturing in Hungary.

László G yörgy, Secretary of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation, said the support will be part of the government’s scheme to invest a total of HUF 85 billion into healthcare.

Györgyi Lengyel, Ministerial Commissioner for Healthcare Economics, said, “The epidemiological situation has shown how important security of supply is, not only in emergencies, but in everyday life as well.” She added that the government has been working since the autumn of 2018 on a comprehensive strategy for the healthcare industry, which has finally come together in recent months.

The support will be used for the development of domestic capacities, that is, the technological development of companies here in Hungary to provide healthcare services for the 21st century. This will ensure that people have access to key products needed during an epidemic or emergency.

Lengyel indicated that support per project will most likely be a maximum of 50 percent, but this depends on how many companies apply for the tender as well.

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