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HUF 35 billion education development program launched in Debrecen

The Hungarian government has provided HUF 35 billion in education-related investments for Debrecen.

The Hungarian government has allocated HUF 35 billion (EUR 106 million) for a complex education and school infrastructure development program in Debrecen. The goal is to help ensure Hungary has properly trained workers that can meet the needs of a growing number of investors in the region.

László Palkovics, Hungary’s Minister of Innovation and Technology, is responsible for the sustainable economic, educational and cultural development of the Debrecen automotive center and its environment. The ministry announced that the new program will include an automotive laboratory and a technical faculty wing at Debrecen University. It will also initiate technician training at local vocational schools next autumn.

Additionally, there will be a German-language primary and secondary school in the area, and the government will implement a new curriculum to facilitate dual education in local schools.

The ministry previously allocated HUF 130 billion for a local infrastructure development program, aimed at turning the region into an international business, education and innovation hub. Automotive giant BMW has announced plans for a new-generation plant in Debrecen and will initiate construction next spring.

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