HUF 2 billion invested under Digital Welfare Program

Since February 2020, Solus Capital has helped 11 companies receive funds for digital innovations.

Solus Capital, a member of MKB Financial Group, serves as the main investment advisor in the Digital Welfare Program of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. 

The Digital Welfare Program, with some HUF 8 billion at its disposal, seeks to support Hungarian SMEs and startups with high growth potential that are pursuing digital developments to strengthen their competitiveness, in line with the strategic objectives of the Digital Welfare Program.

Solus Capital aims to accelerate the development of innovative, early-stage, and mature companies through capital investment, consulting, and synergies to help them maximize their business potential. Its professional experience and team of experts in the operation of venture capital funds guarantees a solid background in the investment decisions underlying the capital injections made under the Digital Welfare Program, the selection system, and the investment process.

Funding is available to companies that carry out digital developments that also strengthen the digital development of the companies that do business with them.

A wide range of projects receive investments, including: contactless guest arrival, the digitization of dental laboratories, demand-side electricity management, a personal diabetes assistant, blockchain-based product tracking and certificate validation, comparison of tariff packages based on usage patterns, and an online lending platform. 

Other examples include: an online platform for medical technology and digital education, gamma-knife medical technology, and digital field logistics for the construction industry.

Solus Capital is committed to supporting Hungarian entrepreneurs and investing in micro and SME enterprises that are the engine of the Hungarian economy. Dr. Zoltán Bánfi, CEO of Solus Capital, said that they plan on additional venture and private equity funds to help finance the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hungary.

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