HUF 2 billion already invested in Hungary’s virtual startup marketplace

Projects have already received funding and include concepts in healthcare, veterinary medicine, and digital solutions.

Hungary’s virtual startup marketplace, EMVITIS, has already received HUF 2 billion to invest. Launched at the beginning of April, five pre-screened projects are currently awaiting launch, while 15 pre-evaluated and qualified projects are waiting for investors and a few even already have deals signed.

EMVITIS connects the most promising Hungarian startups with Hungarian investors looking for new, long-term places to put their money due to the recession. Startups can place their projects on the digital interface, with a focus on smart applications related to smart city concepts, sustainable development and the healthcare sector – so projects that support survival in the current coronavirus crisis and later recovery. These have included a company that offers personalized vitamin dosing and an artificial intelligence-based chatbot system.

Pre-qualified startups can introduce themselves and pitch their work directly to representatives of the largest Hungarian capital investors in a short 15-minute presentation. Gábor Kornis, CEO of Finatech Capital Zrt., Zoltán Siklósi, CEO of Invescom Corporate Finance Consulting Company, and Zsolt Makra, Investment Director of Singulab Zrt., evaluate the startups, while a representative of the Budapest Stock Exchange also participates as a professional observer.

In the last two months, more than 100 startups have registered on the EMVITIS interface; they can enter the marketplace after an automated, AI-based pre-screening and professional qualification. 

Beneficiaries to date include businesses and ideas for personal/preventative health, animal health, and digital transformation. EMVITIS has already found an investor or an investor option for Medicall, VetCall, Vitamio and ValueBoard.

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