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HUF 2.5 billion to be used to expand Zalaegerszeg industrial park

Thousands of jobs already created from current industrial area.

Under the Széchenyi 2020 program, EU funding of HUF 2.3 billion will be used to create a new industrial space along with the infrastructure needed for investors and businesses to operate in Zalaegerszeg’s northern industrial park. 

Zoltán Balaicz, Mayor of Zalaegerszeg (Fidesz-KDNP), said that recently Zalaco Zrt. implemented two stages of development in the northern industrial park. He added that the city had created four thousand new jobs over the past five years, reducing the number of registered job seekers to 2.3 percent. To meet demand, the municipality is providing further development by providing new areas and building infrastructure.

Fidesz MP László Vigh indicated that 60 percent of the automotive test track has been completed in the industrial park. Also included will be nearly 1.5 kilometers of street lighting and roundabout, for which excavation and gravel beds are already done. 

Mayor Balaicz said, “12 industrial sites suitable for settlements of 5 and 8 thousand square meters will be developed.” Most of the construction work is being done by companies in Zalaegerszeg and Zala County. The 260-hectare industrial site was designed with land, road, energy, utility and drainage considerations in mind, based on the potential needs of companies coming in.

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