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HUF 2.5 billion in support will be provided to small agricultural farms

The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to supporting the income generation and economic recovery of small farmers and expanding their opportunities.

Within the framework of the Rural Development Program, a call for tenders for the support of small agricultural holdings with a budget of HUF 2.5 billion was published.

Applications for support may be submitted by primary producers, micro-enterprises, self-employed farmers or social cooperatives. The basic condition for submitting an application is proof that the applicant has net sales of at least EUR 3,000 (Standard Production Value) but no more than EUR 6,000 of agricultural production or product processing in the last business year. 

The applicant must undertake in its business plan that his farm size will exceed EUR 6,000 or that net sales from his agricultural production and processing will exceed EUR 6,000 at the end of the fourth business year. The winning applicant must use the grant to develop their business to meet the requirements of the program.

The amount of the flat-rate grant that can be applied for is EUR 15,000, which will be paid in two installments over five years. The first installment will be 75 percent of the grant amount, paid to the applicant at the same time he is sent the grant certificate The remaining 25% of the grant amount will be paid at the end of the grant period, upon fulfillment of the commitments made in the business plan. 

Grant applications can be submitted from November 6, 2020, until December 17, 2021, or as long as funding is available. 

For details of the proposals and its annexes, visit www.palyazat.gov.hu.

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