HUF 150 billion allocated for development of Hungarian villages

This year, at least HUF 150 billion will be allocated to the Hungarian Village Program. In addition, the government has provided extra resources to other areas, such as road maintenance and village NGOs, to the tune of HUF 12.5 billion.

“This year the Hungarian Village Program will continue and expand,” said Alpár Gyopáros, the government commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements. “The Hungarian government is determined to achieve the goal of halting population decline in small settlements in Hungary. To do this, it wants to improve the quality of life of the villagers.”

In 2020, at least HUF 150 billion will be allocated to the Hungarian Village Program. The Family Housing Allowance Program in villages (CSOK) and the road networks linking villages with small towns will benefit, as well as supporting local developments aimed at improving the quality of life of locals.

The government commissioner also said that “about HUF 50 billion was spent on road development in 2019, where about 400 kilometers of roads was developed, and this year it is likely to be the same. The government has also decided that an additional HUF 7.5 billion will be earmarked for road maintenance.”

Another important part of the program saw the establishment of a village civil foundation for NGOs operating in settlements with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. HUF 5 billion has been allocated to this initiative and will be awarded to NGOs through tenders. “NGOs play a decisive role in bringing a local community to life,” said Gyopáros, adding that “along with local governments, councils and mayors, NGOs are the engines of local communities.”

In addition to performing specific activities, Gyopáros said these NGOs are almost always dedicated to maintaining the local community and improving their quality of life, and therefore the government is committed to assisting them.

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