HUF 13 billion in support for research excellence

New grants will promote the development of science and increase the international recognition and competitiveness of Hungarian researchers and research institutions.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, a total of HUF 12.9 billion is available to support research projects with the potential to achieve outstanding scientific results in 2021. 

Nearly 1,400 applications were received for the previous call announced in December 2019, of which 340 winning projects were launched by the end of 2020 with a total grant of HUF 11.5 billion.

The five sub-programs of the new basic research tender for individual researchers and research groups follow the application categories of previous years.

There are two options for early-stage researchers. Young people with an academic degree not more than five years into their careers can receive support under the Postdoctoral Excellence Program, while the Young Researcher Excellence Program helps applicants launch their own independent research topic and set up an independent research group.

More experienced researchers and their research teams can apply for funding in a sub-program modeled on Hungary’s Researcher Theme Competition, which dates back more than 30 years.

Within the framework of two other sub-programs, support is also available for projects implemented via a cooperation between Hungarian-Austrian and Hungarian-Slovenian researchers.

The current call will make the use of grants and cost accounting more flexible, and administrative burdens will be further reduced so that beneficiaries can use the resources more efficiently during the implementation of their projects.

The call emphasizes the goal of making results visible to the international scientific community and the general public. The winning researchers must make their scientific publications, created with the state grants, readable free of charge, the cost of which can be accounted for much more favorably than before.

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