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HUF 1.8 billion to renew the training structure of higher education

Training will become more practical, flexible and labor market-focused.

Balázs Hankó, Deputy State Secretary for Higher Education at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said that the goal is to make training more practical, flexible and labor market-focused, and to speed up the process of starting and completing vocational training.

The government has joined forces with its consortium partners, the Hungarian Higher Education Accreditation Commission, the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, the Education Office, and Digital Government Development and Project Management Ltd. to achieve this.

The deputy state secretary said that in the last two years a completely new maintenance structure has been established, with 21 model-changing and 16 church-run institutions. This year, HUF 1 trillion in funding — two and a half times more than before — is available to higher education institutions. He said that this is “top-ranking” funding in the European Union.

Hankó said that the aim was to ensure that well-qualified students with a practical focus would soon be in jobs that match their qualifications.

In addition to the HUF 1.8 billion in funding, further practical training grants will be available in the future, and additional EU funding is available for digitization as well.

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