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HUF 1.5 billion investment in Szarvas spa

State funds will be used to develop Szent Klára Spa in Szarvas, with work expected to start in mid-2022.

Member of Parliament Béla Dankó reported that three outdoor pools with slides, lazy rivers, and jacuzzis will be built. The government has already provided HUF 125 million to prepare the feasibility study and technical plans, complete the public procurement process, and handle project management, he wrote.

Dankó said the development of the spa will also increase the value of the existing attractions in Szarvas, such as the zoo, arboretum, model park, water theater, and Sámuel Tessedik Museum.

The spa, originally built in 1902 as a public bathhouse, is visited today by about 44,000 people a year. In the spa, the 40-50 degree medicinal water extracted from a depth of 200-280 meters is mainly used for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Development of the facility had already begun in 2000, when a sports pool and a small, shallow pool were built; some parts of the spa that were already 100 years old were also renovated at that time.

According to the data of the National Tourist Information Center, 28,000 guests—97 percent domestic— stayed in Szarvas in 2020, generating almost 80,000 guest nights.

In Békés County, several baths will also be renovated using domestic funds. The Gyula Castle Bath is to be renewed from HUF 2.9 billion; HUF 2.4 billion will be invested in the Békés Spa and Swimming Pool; while the Liget Bath in Gyomaendrőd will get a facelift from nearly HUF 1.3 billion. In Sarkad, also in Békés County, a training pool is being built with nearly HUF 1 billion as well.

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