Hiventures invests in Hungarian design and fashion startups

Furniture to promote motor skills, a unique wall covering, and an AI application won investments from Hiventures.

Three fashion and design ideas won an investment from Hiventures during the incubation program run by Hiventures (MFB Group’s capital fund manager), the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, and Startup Campus.

A record number of ideas were submitted this year, and in early October, a professional jury selected the 10 most promising teams for the eight-week online incubation. These teams received intensive business development training and professional/business mentoring programs. After creating a business plan, the teams with a product or service ready for the first round of investment were invited to a Demo Day where they presented their ideas. 

The MOKA team presented children’s furniture that develops a child’s sense of balance and motor skills. Perceptual Thinkers came up with a multifunctional fanny pack to help people with autism communicate. Meanwhile, the Try Online team developed a social media platform focused on fashion products, and Measure.me competed with an app based on artificial intelligence to help customers choose the right size of clothing when shopping online. Finally, the S.w.e.d. members presented a unique design wall covering. 

The three winners were MOKA, Measure.me and S.w.e.d. All three received an investment offer of HUF 15 million from Hiventures capital fund management. 

The audience award was won by the Try Online team. The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency offered Try Online and Perceptual Thinkers the opportunity to participate in a personalized professional support program as well.

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