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Higher education reform is good for students and teachers

Amendments to the law on higher education have been published.

The amendments to the law on higher education were adopted by parliament on the initiative of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. 

The new regulations will create the legal guarantees for a second wage increase of 15 percent at state universities as well. The total wage increase will thus exceed 30 percent at institutions maintained by foundations, religious organizations and the state. 

In the interests of talented young people, doctoral training will be made more flexible by allowing students to take courses in the final year of their master’s degree that count towards their doctorate.

The University of Physical Education will continue to operate under a new name, the Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, which reflects its activities and training.

The public tasks of the University of Debrecen will include the development of research, development and production technology know-how for the production of vaccines in Hungary. The National Vaccine Factory has been established on the basis of the institution.

The government also intends to further strengthen the competitiveness of vocational education by launching a talent mentoring program for disadvantaged students. A key expectation for technical and vocational schools is to create opportunities for young people to continue their studies, including offering a pathway to university. Favorable scoring will also support students of technical and vocational schools with a technical vocational diploma to enter universities. More students will be able to gain admission into universities on the basis of their vocational exams alone.

The government is investing unprecedented sums in higher education in Hungary to ensure that young people are the winners of the future. 

In 2021, spending on universities will account for almost 1.3 percent of GDP. This will rise to close to 1.9 percent in 2022 including more than HUF 1 trillion in development funds, making Hungary the leader in higher education spending in Europe, the ministry said. 

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