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High school students can apply to state-funded language programs abroad

Program entails a two-week intensive course in UK, Ireland, Malta, France, Germany, Austria, or China

Starting in February, students in grades 9 and 11 at upper secondary and vocational secondary schools will be able to apply to spend part of their summer in another country to learn a foreign language. Hungary’s ministerial commissioner for foreign language courses for students, Mónika Bartos, said that information about the program will be available starting November 30, including which foreign language schools will participate. 

Students who have completed the B2 Complex Language Exam or passed the subject exam in their own school can apply. They will have the opportunity to visit the UK, Ireland, Malta, France, Germany, Austria, or China and participate in an intensive two-week language course for English, German, French, or Chinese.

The government will be paying for the students’ travel costs, transfers, the actual course, room and board, and even some pocket money. Teachers accompanying the students will also be covered by the State. 

A survey indicated that there are 140,000 students eligible for the program, out of which 90,000 have expressed an interest in attending: 81,000 students said they would travel in groups and 9,000 individually; 80 percent would choose English, 17 percent German, and 3 percent French.

Tempus Public Foundation has been coordinating directly with all foreign language schools involved, and students can only apply via the website managed by the foundation.

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