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Graboplast is developing self-disinfecting wall coverings for hospitals

Graboplast, the Hungarian-owned leading manufacturer of specialized flooring, is now working with the builder of mobile epidemic hospitals in Hungary to install antibacterial and antiviral wall coverings.

As a result of its own research and development, Graboplast is able to launch its self-disinfecting wall covering within weeks, the company told Forbes. Thanks to its special surface treatment, walls with the company’s covering will be able to degrade microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, without chemicals.

The company stated that it is now talking with the builder of the mobile epidemic hospitals being constructed to care for coronavirus patients in Hungary; the facilities plan on using Graboplast’s special covering.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the interest in Graboplast’s self-disinfectant covering has grown, with the company’s customers stating that such a product is greatly needed to protect against viruses and bacteria. The covering’s effectiveness has been certified by independent institutes, in accordance with ISO 27447, in Hungarian, American and Chinese tests.

A special surface treatment of the covering not only inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms but also specifically kills them, without the use of chemicals. The product’s surface layer is capable of killing the so-called “super bacteria” within eight hours and contains no antibiotics, so pathogens cannot become resistant to it.

The company, based in Győr, manufactures the patented Silver Knight flooring, which was developed primarily for healthcare facilities and has been exported from China to the United States for several years. In 2019, Graboplast saw revenues of HUF 18 billion, 90% of which came from exports.

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