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Government supports the development of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry

Domestic production of remdesivir has begun, and favipiravir, produced in Hungary, is already being manufactured on a commercial scale.

Led by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), research and development programs to increase the effectiveness of Hungarian healthcare are in progress.  

The ministry has allocated HUF 3 billion for research and development tasks related to the coronavirus in the first round. The supported projects include the development of therapeutic methods, the production of ventilators, and an epidemiological analysis based on mathematical modeling; all projects are progressing as planned.

Thanks to the government’s funds, two types of drugs proven in international practice can also now be used in the treatment of Hungarian patients.

“Like other global challenges, innovation is the key to successfully tackling the virus crisis. Among the more than 20 projects coordinated by ITM, there are measurements that examine the spread of the virus, devices to help control it, and research and development to support patient recovery. The recent successes of Hungarian drug development are spectacular signs of the efficiency of Hungarian research, the country’s world-class knowledge, and exemplary cooperation skills of corporate and university experts here,” József Bódis, State Secretary for Higher Education, Innovation and Vocational Training stressed.

Richter Gedeon Zrt. was already able to develop remdesivir this past spring, and the drug has proven effective in the treatment of coronavirus. It accelerates the healing of patients and reduces mortality. The company hands over the medicine to the Hungarian State; it was manufactured as a result of a government-funded development via a grant of some HUF 400 million. The formulation currently available in the manufacturer’s warehouse for use in a clinical trial allows for the treatment of approximately 250 patients. By the end of October, there will be enough medication for a total of more than 800 patients. 

Within the framework of the tender “Invest in the Future,” HUF 7 billion was made available for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, new technologies, products and services important to public health. More than 50 project proposals were received and are currently under review. 

The government will provide a total of HUF 85 billion in two other tenders for more general-purpose investments in the healthcare industry.

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