Government provides financing for Ózd industrial park

Investment can create 550 new jobs in the city by 2022.

According to Gábor Riz, the city’s Fidesz member of parliament, the government has approved the implementation of a brownfield rehabilitation project worth some HUF 1.3 billion and prepared by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Thanks to HUF 650 million in state support and the HUF 650 million investment from ÓAM-Ózdi Acélművek Kft., it will be possible to turn the currently unused industrial area of Ózdi Acélművek Kft. into the home of three companies whose activities fit well with the metallurgical past of the city, he added. Nyír-Aqua Team Kft. plans to implement a concrete plant and an iron structural workshop, Therma-Top Kft. will manufacture containers (which can also be used during the epidemic), and Kf Service Solutions Kft. plans to develop and manufacture midibuses. 

Gábor Riz highlighted that the investment can create 550 new jobs in the city by 2022. This is critical, as the region is losing nearly 1,900 jobs due to the closure of two factories. 

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