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Government launches tender for the purchase of electric cars

Hungary makes the move to help the environment.

The Hungarian government finds it important to finance activities that contribute to the fight against climate change, so it has started with helping people and companies buy electric vehicles.

A tender with a budget of HUF 5 billion will be launched to support the purchase of purely electric cars and mopeds, Péter Kaderják, State Secretary for Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM), announced at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

The new support system will steer customers towards cheaper electric cars, with the amount of the grant depending on the price of the vehicle:

  • Under the purchase price of HUF 11 million, a maximum of HUF 2.5 million
  • Between HUF 11 and 15 million, a maximum of HUF 500 thousand
  • No subsidy for cars costing more than HUF 15 million

Taxi service providers can also apply for the program, and in their case the subsidy can be up to 55 percent of the vehicle’s purchase price. Support can be claimed for the purchase of electric scooters as well.  In the case of scooters costing between HUF 100,000 and HUF 1 million, support can reach 55 percent of the purchase price.

The tender is mainly intended for sole proprietors and companies; for example, courier companies may also apply for the purchase of entire fleets.

“We want to support activities that have higher-than-average mileage, as this is the best way to contribute to the fight against climate change,” the state secretary explained.

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