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Government has spent HUF 2 trillion on city developments

Developments in cities with county status are progressing at a good pace thanks to the Modern Cities Program.

Within the framework of the Modern Cities Program, investments and developments will be implemented in 23 cities with county status to stimulate the economy, create jobs and improve infrastructure.

In total, the program includes funding of more than HUF 4 trillion. According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, the subsidies already paid had reached half of the total estimated budget, some HUF 2 trillion by the end of 2020.

The final agreements of the Modern Cities Program were signed in 2017 by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. As one of the pillars of the program, 28 national road developments and four railway developments will be implemented, which required HUF 2.4 trillion.

Within this project, the M44 motorway approaching Békéscsaba and the Csorna-Sopron motorway is already finished. Meanwhile, the M6 at Pécs and the M30 highway from Miskolc to the border are also being built. In addition, roads with 2×2 lanes are being constructed in all regions of the country. 

The other pillar of the program includes a wide range of local developments in 23 county towns, to which HUF 1.6 trillion was allocated. For many projects, preparation, planning or actual implementation is in progress. In the case of almost 100 out of 270 projects, the entire investment or a significant part of the project has been completed. 

Developments include: 

  • A hospital parking lot in Győr, 
  • A multifunctional hall in Kaposvár and the Gergely Csíky Theater
  • A new spa complex and international school in Debrecen
  • An open-air stage in Nyíregyháza
  • The historical center of Sopron
  • An innovation and knowledge center in Zalaegerszeg 
  • A sports complex in Dunaújváros
  • A swimming pool in Pécs 
  • The Veszprém Zoo

The Modern Cities Program creates jobs, stimulates the economy and encourages investment, so cities with county status can still count on significant support.

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