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Government goal: Transition to a green economy

Systemic transformations are needed due to volatility in the energy market.

The government aims to move to a green and circular economy, according to the State Secretary for the Development of Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

In an interview in Magyar Nemzet, Attila Steiner said that work achieved so far needs to be preserved and translated into concrete results. Energy and waste management in Hungary are facing a major transformation, and several investments are needed. 

The secretary of state was tasked with coordinating these investments and mobilizing as many resources as possible from European Union funds.

Energy and waste management are connected at several points, so it makes sense to manage them together, he added. Steiner said he was involved in the seven-year EU budget negotiation process and therefore has an insight into the logic of EU funding. However, the EUR 750 billion (HUF 262 trillion) recovery package will follow a completely different structure.

Basically, 37 percent of the EUR 672.5 billion (HUF 235 trillion) of the Rehabilitation and Resilience Building Facility (RRF) should be spent on the green transition. This is a serious Union priority and also a great opportunity for the Hungarian Government to achieve its goals, he said.

The state secretary believes that the European Commission has essentially accepted that without nuclear energy, the European Union will not be able to meet its 2050 climate neutrality targets. It is also now clearly seen that nuclear energy is key to securing an affordable electricity supply, he added. 

Steiner addressed the possibility of illegal littering facing a more severe punishment as well, and a new waste management authority is in the works to operate the sanction system.

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