Government funds bike parks, running tracks, and climbing trails and walls

Calls for support under the Active Hungary Program for 2021 have already been published.

The government aims to expand the number of sports facilities. So far, within the framework of the Active Hungary Program, 14 running tracks, 9 ski parks, 23 bike parks, 6 via ferrata roads, 17 rock climbing routes and 15 climbing halls have received investments worth more than HUF 1.3 billion. A significant part of these projects have already been completed, according to the organization.

Now, the National Bike Park Program will be re-launched to promote cycling, while the National Runway Construction Program will continue to further improve running conditions. Support for programs related to sports climbing will also be expanded. Those applying for funding will have the opportunity to build running tracks and bike parks with 50 percent non-refundable support.

In 2021, the government will provide HUF 300 million in non-refundable support for the construction of bike parks, HUF 350 million for the creation of running tracks and HUF 120 million for sports facilities offering wall and rock climbing. A budget of HUF 60 million is available for rock climbing paths and HUF 30 million each for rock climbing schools and indoor climbing halls.

Applications for the programs can be submitted until February 28, 2021. Winners must complete their developments by March 31, 2022.

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