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Government funding for the purchase of electric vehicles increased by HUF 882 million

The government's tender to encourage people to buy electric vehicles has been a great success.

The government’s tender to support the purchase of electric vehicles with a budget of HUF 5 billion, announced as part of the Climate and Nature Conservation Action Plan, was a great success.

According to the Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics, 662 private individuals applied for the support in addition to 738 companies, including 294 taxi and car passenger transport companies. The interest from taxi drivers was the most intense, as the amount of support requested in their applications exceeded the HUF 2 billion budget allocated to them. There were another 348 companies that also tendered for the purchase of electric scooters.

In a statement to MTI, Palkovics has now announced that they will increase the budget by approximately HUF 882 million, so that all applications submitted in accordance with the call conditions can receive support. 

The additional resources will allow the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to help with the purchase of more than 230 electric vehicles, enabling a total procurement of more than 2,000 electric vehicles, the minister said.

The growth of environmentally friendly electric cars in Hungary is essential for achieving Hungary’s 2050 climate neutrality target. In terms of the development of the electromobility market, the Minister also welcomed the fact that traders have been open to reducing prices, meaning the tender additionally stimulated market competition.

Hungary has been a leader in Europe when it comes to the spread of environmentally friendly vehicles, and this new funding will help accelerate that pace. He recalled that in the first half of 2020, the number of alternative-powered cars on the market increased the most in Hungary.

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