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Government allocates HUF 80 billion to create jobs

The government has announced a wage subsidy program to help boost employment with a budget of HUF 80 billion.

The initiative is expected to help 70,000 people find a job, Sándor Bodó, Secretary of State for Employment Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), said at the online press conference today.

Bodó detailed that in addition to the six-month wage subsidy, three months of further employment is expected from companies so that the employees participating in the program will now be guaranteed employment for a total of nine months.

During the supported six months, a maximum of HUF 200,000 per month will be reimbursed to the employer, so the program will help all jobseekers find a job and keep their job with a net monthly salary subsidy of HUF 112,000, Sándor Bodó emphasized.

László György, ITM’s Secretary of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation, emphasized at the press conference that the job creation program launched under the Economy Protection Action Plan offers a good opportunity to those sectors that were adversely affected by the coronavirus emergency measures and forced to lay off workers.

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