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Government aims to make employment more flexible

Future steps are meant to also prepare the labor market for a second wave of the epidemic.

This autumn, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology is expected to present measures to the government that would serve to further expand employment, said Sándor Bodó, State Secretary for Employment Policy at the ministry.

The secretary recalled that the most important elements of the current economic protection action plan are the job-preservation and job-creation measures, which have so far helped more than one million workers.

Future plans include expanding options for remote work, with the place of work to be freely chosen in accordance with occupational safety regulations.

The amendment would allow employers to contribute up to 10 percent of the current minimum wage to the overhead costs associated with remote work as a quasi-flat rate, instead of an itemized settlement. The company would also support the purchase of assets.

Bodó stressed that changes in the labor market are constantly being monitored and that the government is ready to intervene again where necessary.

The latest data already show that the number of registered jobseekers has been declining everywhere since June. Nationwide, 25,000 fewer people are looking for employment than a month and a half ago.

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