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Google’s cycling route planner available in Hungary

After several years of preparation, Google has extended its cycling route planner to Hungary.

Government Commissioner for Active Hungary Máriusz Révész said that he hopes that even more people will get on their bikes with the app, which was launched after almost three years of cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Cycling NGOs have also been involved in the preparations, and Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. and Budapest Közút Zrt. have made their route databases available for this purpose.

Pál Bíró, head of Google Hungary, said that the route planner will include all the cycle routes in the capital and about 80 percent of those in the countryside; it is expected to be completed within weeks.

He said that COVID-19 had led many people to switch to cycling in Hungary, so Hungary is one of the first countries in the region where the app is available. Of the neighbouring countries, it is only available in Austria and Poland, he added.

He expects that cycling will now become even safer, and to this end, they are also looking for feedback from users of the route planner. The app shows all routes, taking into account conditions that make cycling difficult and giving priority to easier routes.

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