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Google cars to start driving again in several Hungarian cities

Street View shows 360-degree views of streets as well as natural and cultural landmarks.

On March 11, 2022, Google will update its Street View in several Hungarian cities, Google Hungary announced.

In the Transdanubian region, for example, the cities of Sopron, Székesfehér, Szekszárd, Pécs, Veszprém and Ajka will be affected, while in the eastern part of the country, Békéscsaba, Szeged, Karcag, Debrecen and Tiszaújváros will be updated.

With Google Street View, users can visit most Hungarian cities from anywhere, including many castles and national parks in the digital space. Google Maps Street View has been available in Hungary since 2013 and has been regularly updated since then. Street View shows 360-degree images of streets as well as natural and cultural landmarks.

Google has also captured pedestrian zones in several Hungarian cities and other places inaccessible by car. Users can take a virtual stroll through the streets of Pécs or Debrecen, visit the shores of Lake Balaton or Aggtelek National Park, or go on a trip to the Ópusztaszeri National Historical Park.

Recently, 360-degree camera footage has been made available of locations such as Kincsem Park; the Eiffel Workshop House, which serves as the Opera House’s auditorium; Dízel Hall, which is the new exhibition space of the Museum of Transport; and Budapest’s largest lake, Lake Naplás.

To protect people’s right to privacy, the images are subjected to a special process before publication, which blurs people’s faces and license plates so that they cannot be identified.

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