Good progress in cooperation between Rheinmetall and Hungary

In two weeks, the Zalaegerszeg factory could be handed over to start pre-production, and construction of two more ammunition-related production plants could begin in Várpalota.

As MTI reported, László Palkovics said at the Eurosatory international arms exhibition that in addition to the production agreements, there is also a research and development cooperation between Rheinmetall and Hungary for a new generation of eight-cylinder electric hybrid armored infantry fighting vehicle. Hungary is not only financing the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle, but also providing the space for its production, the minister said.

According to Palkovics, Hungary has made its presence felt in the defense industry, not only in weapons, ammunition and ground vehicles, but also in aircraft; for example, the Airbus helicopter parts factory in Gyula will open before the end of June.

The Ukrainian-Russian conflict has highlighted that there are new technologies that need to be taken very seriously, including drones and shoulder-launched weapons, the production of which “is a very serious option for Hungary, he said. 

In December 2021, it was announced that the Hungarian Defense Forces will systemize more than 300 Gidran 4×4 armored wheeled military vehicles. The vehicles will also be produced in Kaposvár, on the model of the Turkish Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin and NMS 4×4 military vehicles.

László Palkovics highlighted the negotiations with the Turkish armored vehicle manufacturer Nurol Makina, from which the Hungarian army has purchased 500 vehicles. Of these, 50 have already been called up; the first 10 Gidrán-type armored vehicles for support duties arrived in Hungary at the beginning of the year, while the installation of the remaining 40 is expected to start in Kaposvár in September.

The production of four-wheel-drive vehicles in Hungary will be gradually converted to European weapon systems. Production and R&D for the program will continue to be carried out via German-Hungarian cooperation.

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