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Gombos Hill cellars part of UNESCO World Heritage Site

The historical hillside cellars can be found in Hungary’s famous Tokaj wine region.

The picturesque cellars carved into Gombos Hill in the Tokaj foothills are part of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region, which has been on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape since 2002.

The cellars are located just 3 kilometers from Sárospatak, on the border of Hercegkút, a Swabian settlement established in 1750 where each house had a cellar just outside of the village. The north-western edge of the village features Kőporosi Hill with more than 80 cellars on three to four levels going up the hillside, while Gombos Hill on the south-eastern border has nearly 80 cellars extending up four levels.

The cellars have vaults carved into both harder and softer volcanic rock, with most cellars consisting of one or two branches, extending 10-40 meters deep into the hillside and forming a multi-level cellar system. There are also some cellars with three branches. Both cellar rows at Kőporosi and Gombos are part of the World Heritage Site.

There is also a religious memorial above the Gombos Hill cellars – a 14-station calvary built in 2004, with stations on each side of a 400-meter-long promenade looking out over the village. The 15th station, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ, is housed in the Calvary Chapel, which was dedicated in 2009 and also functions as a lookout.

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