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Giant furniture on display in Veszprém

Design Week exhibition held at the Haszkovó estate in Veszprém to complement the architectural flaws of modern housing estates.

Architects from Britain, Greece, Italy, Spain and Hungary have designed five giant and playful pieces of furniture on the Haszkovó housing estate in Veszprém as part of a creative initiative to brighten up the area. 

The overall purpose of the Design Week exhibition, on display until the end of October, is to complement the architectural flaws of modern housing estates, and to prove that Haszkovó is as much a part of Veszprém as anywhere else in the city.

The five creative and playful furniture pieces are as follows:

  • The “Ruin” furniture is a community space for students to sit down and relax. 
  • The “Pool”, designed by the Spanish MAIO office, gives the area water or the illusion of water. 
  • The functionless but colorful “Tower II”, designed by Edward Crooks, summons a mysterious tower from his childhood.
  • The “face sculpture” is like a friend you can always count on, designed by the Greek Point Supreme.
  • The “Tower I” exhibit, designed by James Stirling, highlights the architectural features missing from the Haszkovó housing estate.

Haszkovó is one of the largest housing estates in Hungary, a place where more than 20,000 locals and visitors to the area are now able to experience the wonder of this unique and exciting exhibition.

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