GE Healthcare to invest HUF 3.35 billion

GE Healthcare is launching a new AI research project.

The relationship between GE and Hungary dates back 30 years, and the government is providing HUF 675 million in support for the project.

Building on the innovative capabilities of Hungarian researchers and developers and the successes achieved so far by GE Healthcare’s highly trained professionals, GE is launching a new research project for artificial intelligence solutions at its Budapest development center, Endre Ascsillán, GE’s Vice President for Central and Eastern Europe, said.

Last year, the government launched a robust investment program, with 1,433 companies investing in Hungary, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said. The investments have accelerated a paradigm shift in the Hungarian economy, he added.

The world-class research center, which will build on Hungarian expertise, is developing artificial intelligence-based digital solutions, such as the COVID-19 algorithm, which helps physicians to accurately position the ventilator by analyzing X-rays. 

GE Healthcare is one of the world’s leading med-tech companies committed to fostering innovation. With more than 4 million installed imaging, mobile diagnostic and monitoring units worldwide, more than 2 billion images are performed on its equipment each year. Globally, it invests more than HUF 300 billion in research and development and innovation annually and has more than 12,000 patents worldwide.

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